You don’t have an excuse to NOT advertise on Facebook

Facebook Advertising

You don’t have an excuse to NOT advertise on Facebook.

Facebook’s advertising targeting options have exploded in the past few months.

Whatever your target it, Facebook’s got you covered.

Are you a mobile detailer? Hair salon owner? Dog walker?

Marketing expert? Auto dealer? Fitness expert?

Yes. You’re covered.

Don’t believe Facebook has a targeting option that fits your needs?

The issue is that you (and most people) may not know the possibilities that lie under the “Audience” section of your ads manager.

What looks like six form fields is actually a gold mine of hundreds of thousands of different targeting options. You just have to look.

There are vast targeting options available on Facebook that you didn’t even know were there.

It’s important for you first to establish your customer avatar.

Who is the person you’re targeting? What do they read? Where do they hang out? What age are they? Gender? Where do they live?

What sites do they search online? Do they have children? (I could go on and on… you get the point)

You must do research about your audience before you take a swing at advertising.

Every time you create a Facebook ad, you’ll have these options:

You can choose your target audience’s locations, ages and gender as well as, third party data – which can be:

  • Who are they interested in?
  • What is their relationship status?
  • What’s their education level?
  • What was/is their field of study?
  • What school did they attend?
  • What years were they in undergrad?
  • Who is their employer?
  • What is their job title?
  • What industry do they work in?
  • What is their income range?
  • Do they rent or own their home?

Find your competitors, authority figures, and brands in your niche and target them in the interests box too.

The name of the game is to do your homework and discover Facebook’s targeting options, see which ones apply to your niche, and TEST. The data will tell you which of the vast targeting options convert best for you.  Get out there and utilize these Facebook targeting options.

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