Why Video is Great for Facebook

videoforfbIt’s long been known that original content, especially video, performs well with online marketing. Now, the benefits of using video for brands on Facebook is even greater. Recently, Facebook has been experimenting with some new video features that could give video marketing through the platform even more potential.


We’ve seen a huge focus on video in the past few years with emergences like Vine, Snapchat, Instagram and more. Now, Facebook is testing video features that could benefit brands in the long run. A small test group of users is now getting “related video” suggestions from Facebook. This is all part of Facebook’s plan to hone in on what types of video content specific users like and how much video content they like to be shown.


How could Facebook’s video testing help businesses?


Because Facebook has begun implementing video ads, the data they’re collecting could help brands invest in better video marketing strategies. Once Facebook knows which users are most receptive to videos, the platform will be better able to share video advertisements with the right fans, so that businesses can get the most out of their advertising dollars.


While we don’t know when these features will be fully released, in the meantime, video is still a great way to market your brand online. It’s one of the most shareable and consumed forms of content online, making it a wonderful way to spread your brand’s message. And the great thing about sharing this content on a social platform like Facebook is that when one of your fans shares your video content on their wall, their friends (many of whom are also most likely within your target audience) will see the content. This is an easy way to earn more real, targeted Facebook fans that could one day become your customers.


Now is also a great time to figure out what types of video content your Facebook fans like. While the changes are in the process of becoming widespread, start sharing videos from others, and videos you’ve made. Watch how many interactions you get. This will help you be prepared to hit the ground running once Facebook has collected the video data it needs to improve video advertising results for businesses. If you’re able to focus on improving your businesses’ video marketing prior to this, you’ll see even better results.


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