Why Lawyers Need to Join Social Media

why-lawyers-need-to-join-social-mediaLaw firms, like many service based companies, still need to market their practice like a business. This means getting your marketing messages in front of your target audience in the places they’re most likely to see it. More and more, one of these ideal places is becoming social media. Many law firms are still on the fence as to the benefits of using social media as a part of their marketing plan, but here are some reasons why lawyers need to join social media platforms:


You’re missing out on clients: People today are using the internet to find product and service based businesses. More importantly, some studies report that people spend more than 18% of their time online using social media platforms. Bottom line, if your law firm isn’t taking advantage of this space, you’re likely missing out on many new clients.


You can be getting referrals: By creating a business page for your law firm, you can earn “Likes” from fans who follow you. Whenever someone new likes your Facebook page, this activity will be shown to their friends. This is what we call a social referral. People see their friends Liking your page, so they’re more inclined to do so. This is what makes social media the online equivalent to word-of-mouth advertising.


You can use targeting: Facebook and Linkedin offer wonderful options for targeting the audiences you want to attract as clients. You can create social media advertisements that will be put directly in front of the audiences you want. This is an easy way to earn new business, and it’s simple to use and adjust to your needs.


Educating your audience: You can use your social media accounts to share important, relevant information your audience will find helpful. This is an easy way to show them that you’re a credible firm who knows how to help them. Sharing messages on social media builds trust and educates your audience to know in what cases they could benefit from having a lawyer and when they should seek your services. When they’re informed about their rights, they’ll be able to make an informed decision to call your law firm.


There are a variety of other reasons lawyers should have a social media presence. It can get your firm’s name out there, attract new leads to your website, and help you attract new clients. If you’d like to learn how you can optimize your social media strategy to best suit your law firm’s needs, contact the Social Jeanie today.


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