Why Doctors Should be on Google Plus

why doctors should be on googleplusThe question of whether or not medical practices should use GooglePlus has been a source of debate among many medical marketing professionals. GooglePlus boasts about having enough users to be on the same level as Facebook, but there is no denying that it is seriously lacking engaged users. The reason Google has acquired so many registered users is by forcing every person with a Gmail account to create a GooglePlus page, not to mention that many people have multiple accounts, all of which were required to make GooglePlus profiles. Now after reading this you may be wondering, “if no one really uses GooglePlus why should I be on it?” Here are a few reasons why it is essential for your practice to be on GooglePlus.

1) It will help people find you in Google.

Let’s be honest. With over 29 million searches on Google every minute, Google rules when it comes to distributing information. If you want a better chance of Google showing your website, you better follow their directions. Since GooglePlus is obviously made by Google, it is designed to be optimized with the search engine.  By creating a GooglePlus profile for your business, it is like telling Google that you are a serious business or medical practice.

2) It will give your pages credibility.

Beyond the obvious fact that posting content to GooglePlus will allow your followers to see it, it will also make your specific blog posts and website pages more credible. Google doesn’t want to provide its users with content that is not credible. One of the ways it rates credibility is by how many social shares it has, including Facebook, Twitter and especially Google’s  plus 1’s.

3) It will allow people to find your location.

Google maps has completely revolutionized how people find where they are going. If you want your business to be listed on Google maps, you need to create a GooglePlus business page that includes your address. Once Google verifies this information it will even show your medical in a giant box on the right side of the Google search when someone searches your exact name. This gives people an easy way to get directions to your office. Making it easier for them and less phone calls of lost patients for you.

As you can see GooglePlus has many benefits that aren’t apparent on the surface. If you are getting ready to create a GooglePlus page for your medical practice, make sure that you fill out all the sections of your profile (including the address and description), and link it back to website. Also be sure to use a consistent name across all of your social sites.

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