Why Doctors Need to Give Away Content

contentgiveawayGiveaways aren’t always a popular idea for many companies, as many don’t see the value. However, giving away free content is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to boost the number of leads you have coming in and turn those leads into customers. If you have a practice and want to begin growing it, you should consider giving away free content. There are multiple benefits to doing this. Here’s a breakdown of why you should:


You’ll generate more leads. Getting a foot-in-the-door is one of the first most challenging steps to getting a new patient for your practice. But giving away free content online is one of the most streamlined ways to get this process going. First off, they’re already online searching for answers to their questions, so as an expert, you have the perfect opportunity to give them answers. As you invest in them by giving them something of value, they’ll invest back in your practice by sharing with you their contact information. To earn this contact information, you can give them pieces of content such as free informational e-books, checklists, presentations, webinars, and more. In order to receive the content, they must provide their name and email address.


Establish trust and credibility. In addition to adding value, free content works so well in generating new leads because it’s establishing trust and credibility with these potential patients. When they see that you’re willing to give them valuable information at no cost but only to help them, they’ll see you and your practice as one that cares and one that invests in their patients. The content itself will further establish trust, since you’ll be sharing educational information with them.


Educate your patients. Not all patients are aware of when to get checkups, or even when to visit the doctor for illnesses and disease. If you can make your patients more aware of their health in terms of when they need to get checkups and other health related checkups, you can keep them more on top of their health care. This can mean more office visits for you, just because you gave away a piece of free content that outlined when they should visit the doctor.


Once you can get contact information for your leads, educate them, and establish your trust and credibility, you’ll have a much higher conversion rate from lead to patient. To learn how inbound marketing can help you generate new leads and patients for your practice, contact the Social Jeanie today for a personalized plan.


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