What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Business Page

Facebooks-new-business-page-changesIf you haven’t already seen them for yourself, you’ve probably heard that Facebook’s Business Pages have recently undergone some big changes. Facebook Business Pages now have a new layout and a new look, and some of these changes will affect how your company uses this social platform. Here are some of the changes you need to know to keep your social media strategy up-to-date:


Your “About” section has moved.

And now it’s up front and center. Before the update, users had to read each company’s about page after clicking through to the “About” tab. Now the first few sentences of company bios are displayed on the left hand side of the page, underneath the profile image. If you didn’t think your About was important before, it definitely is now that it’s on full-on display. Keep the first few sentences catching and concise to grab the reader’s attention so that they’ll want to click through to learn more about your company. The only problem with this change? It requires a lot more scrolling on the user’s part, and you can lose attention that way. You can make up for this by adding a call-to-action onto your banner image. If they don’t scroll down to see your “About”, at least they’ll see something you want them to see.


Your image sizes have changed.

Most importantly, the dimensions of banner images have changed, and the “Like”, “Follow” and “Message” buttons have moved up onto the banner image section. That means you’ll likely need to re-size and re-design your banner image to fit the new look. You can make sure all of your banner and timeline images are up to date here: https://www.facebook.com/PagesSizesDimensions


App changes.

Once prominently displayed near the top of Business Pages, apps are now located to the far left of the page and can’t be seen without some scrolling. This means Facebook wants your fans to view more of your status updates than your apps, since many won’t scroll down that far. This can be problematic if you’re hosting a contest and want your fans to be able to find it. The solution: regularly post status updates with a direct link to you app so that it will catch your fans’ attention and encourage engagement.


Admins and managers may also notice some compatibility issues as far as look and feel when using outside apps. For instance, when a fan clicks through to a Page’s contest app, the contest graphic is displayed below the Page’s banner and profile image. This is a stark contrast to the prior design, which took fans to a stand-alone page which only displayed the contest graphic and information. Having these extra images and information on the Page change can be distracting to fans. For now, keep this update in mind and try to design your graphics and banners accordingly to eliminate confusion. Time will tell how Facebook decides to resolve this issue.


New “Insights” summary available.

One of the more convenient changes Facebook has made includes the weekly insights summary. Along with the normal “Insights” reports (now located in the top left-hand corner) Facebook now displays a weekly insights summary, which can be found on the right-hand side of both the Business Page itself, and the Facebook account’s Home page. This section titled “This Week” displays the Likes, Post Reach, Messages and Notifications for the week, giving Business Page admins a faster glimpse at their Page’s weekly performance.


The new Facebook Page design has only had a limited release so far, but you should expect these changes to take full effect within the next several weeks.

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