What is this New Fad, Inbound Marketing? How Does it Apply to My Restaurant?


Owning a restaurant is challenging.  You’re probably working with a tight marketing and advertising budget.  Local eateries don’t have the benefit of national advertising, like franchises do.  Regardless, all restaurants need to do some local marketing and advertising. Staying in the front of customer’s minds, keeps them in the mood for your food. Believe it or not, Inbound Marketing can make that happen and do a better job of it than outbound marketing.


Where will you find your people paying more attention? Online.  If you don’t have a website, you need one. You need a Facebook page for your restaurant. Pinterest is also a great social media tool for restaurants; pin great pictures of your food, with links to your website or other social media.  Getting found is about putting your information where people can find it, and thanks to smartphones and mobile devices, the internet is where that is.


Have a menu built out for your restaurant’s website, preferably a downloadable one. Allowing people to download it means that they can always have your information at their fingertips (when they see the PDF on their phone or computer, they’ll see your menu and think of you).  And, if you put the PDF behind a landing page, customers or potential customers give you their information.  You can send them emails or post to Facebook or Twitter about upcoming events at your restaurant, menu changes, or offer coupons.   The people who are interested enough in downloading your menu can stay up to date with what you’re doing. That’s an important part of Inbound Marketing.


Inbound Marketing helps you reach a much more targeted audience, as users are already choosing to come to you for your content, whether it’s through social media or coming to your website.  With Inbound Marketing, you can follow the downloads of your menus, gather information, and see how many people have seen, clicked, and downloaded your materials, meaning you can measure the impact of your advertising campaign, and quickly make changes to the areas that aren’t working.


Inbound Marketing can be a great asset to a restaurateur’s marketing plan.  You can build relationships with your customers and you know that in the restaurant business, nothing could be more important when it comes to marketing. If someone comments on your blog, likes you on social media or signs up for email alerts, that means they’re interested in your restaurant. You can’t get that kind of response with a radio or print ad. Use that opportunity to connect with them and keep them coming back to enjoy your food.


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