What Can GooglePlus Do for My Business?

google plus for business marketingBusiness owners often wonder about the value that each social media platform offers to their business. Businesses often question, “What is the value of a Facebook Like,” or “Why should I be on Twitter?” There’s a lot of information out there now that clearly answers these concerns, but with Google+ being newer to the social media scene, not all of its value has been quite as clearly spelled out. If you’re wondering what Google+ can do for your business, here’s what you need to know:


Amplify your presence on Google search. Anytime you create a post on your Google+ business page, that post is given its own unique URL. This means that your Google+ posts can actually show up in Google’s search results anytime someone’s search relates to that specific post. This can be especially helpful to businesses because it gives them another opportunity to rank online, in situations where a related page on their website may not. Your Google+ posts may also show up in a user’s search results if they search for a hashtag, if that hashtag also appears in your post.


Attract new customers. Google+ has more than 300M active Google+ users in its stream. By creating a Google+ page for your business, and posting to it regularly, you can tap into this audience and attract new customers to your business. Think of it as an additional source of leads and customers.


Improve your AdWords campaign. Having a Google+ page can help improve the performance and click-thru-rates of your Google Ads campaign. If you have a Business Page set up on GooglePlus, your ads will pull in different social annotations that will help “social proof” your brand. For instance, your ads will pull information from your Google+ page, like endorsements and the number of followers your page has, and show that information in your ad. This social proof works similarly to a testimonial, creating more trust in your business that will in turn, create better conversion rates.


Improve local search results. Google+ is especially important to be on if you have a local business. The more +1s your page has, the more likely you are to earn a space on Local Carousel results for local businesses. You can even add multiple location listings to a profile if your business has more than one location. This will help your business turn up in more local searches, bettering your business’s chance of attracting new visitors.
These are just some of the benefits to having a Google+ Business page. If you want your business to start reaping these benefits, and more, contact the Social Jeanie today to get started.


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