Want to be Awesome at Social Media Marketing?

Awesome Social Media Marketing

The best social media marketers are very creative, trendsetters and leaders. Like artists, social media marketers express themselves without the presence of a manager or any sort of supervisor. They do what comes naturally. As a marketer, you have curiosity to find out how you can shape the new social media channels and like all great artists, you aren’t afraid to take risks.
Maybe you’re already inspired by a mentor, a manager or a business person and are seeking to become more like him or her. You have a vision for the life you’d like to create for yourself. You are focused on self-actualization and insist on delivering the best of your abilities no matter what you do. You are in a way, an artist.
1. Be inspired – Follow those who inspire you. Observe what they’re doing. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Once you’ve started there, find out the people they worked with and start following them on social media. Always be learning. Sign up for webinars, classes. Never stop learning.
2. Connect with others – Connect with the people that inspire you on social media. Try to find out what they’re working on. At this stage, start forming a strong idea of how your strengths can contribute to projects that you’re finding yourself getting excited about.
3. Make it personal – You have to take the good with the bad in your pursuit of strengthening your personal or business brand on social media. Let all of these interactions be learning experiences. Open yourself up. Reveal any weaknesses you felt and how you could improve for next time. Think and express these thoughts on social media in a way that can help others express themselves and objectives better.
4. Joint venture – Learn from those who are doing better than you. Acknowledge and seek collaboration opportunities with them. You will learn so much by working within a team. Seek people who have a knack for bringing out the best in you, and do great work together.
5. Never stop evolving – So, you’ve got 20,000 followers on Pinterest and a zillion Twitter followers, but you are NOT done. There’s always got to be something you’re striving for, otherwise you might be on your way out. Find some way to always have something to look forward to. Move with the trends and constantly be making yourself and your business better.

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