Utilizing Facebook Trending for Your Business


Facebook has a new feature called Trending that is used to find popular conversations on the social network.  It shows you the popular topics and hashtags that are being talked about on Facebook.

Trending is a new section in the top right hand corner of your Facebook home page that displays several topics that have seen a spike in popularity recently. It changes every couple of hours, when new topics are added as well as a rotation of available topics. You just click on a topic and you’re taken to a feed of all the activity on Facebook about that particular topic.

Included in what you’ll see are: posts by your friends, pages, and by other users that are relevant to the topic.  Your trending list will be different from someone else’s, because it will include topics that relate to you based on the interests you’ve conveyed on Facebook.  Facebook’s trending list has both a headline and a summary of the topic. It tells you not only that a topic is trending, but also why it is trending.

While there are still some bugs to be worked out, Trending could prove to be a really useful feature for small business marketers who want to incorporate content marketing tactics into their marketing plans this year.  By showing you which topics are popular on Facebook, Trending is dropping ideas for content right into your lap.  Get creative and make some of the topics relevant to your business and your followers.  Write your blogs and/or Facebook status about a trending topic at least once and week and see what kind of results you get.

If you post on Facebook about a trending topic, your followers are likely to see your post show up in the trending topic’s feed when they click on the headline. That means more chances for engagment on your page — likes, comments, and sharing.


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