Top Social Media Tips of the Month

Every month I compile a list of tips that people seemed to appreciate the most. My “tips of the day” cover all different types of social networks, ultimately resulting in a stronger overall online presence. Following these tips can help increase your social media engagement and continue to gain new followers while pleasing your old ones.

Linked in post

Tip #1: Don’t forget to share content on LinkedIn.

Since there are less posts on the site, your post is likely to stay near the top of the newsfeed longer than sites like Facebook and Twitter. Linkedin is also important because it allows you to reach a different demographic that may not follow you on Facebook. It is important to remember though that Linkedin is not a place to post everything that you would post on Facebook. This network was created for professionals, and therefore all of your posts should be directed at helping people professionally or at least have a higher level of educational value.

tip pinterest

Tip #2: Add a picture to your blog post!

Not only will this keep people on your page longer (making them more likely to read it), but it also allows you to post it to Pinterest. Without a picture not only can you NOT share it with your Pinterest followers, but anyone who wants to save it to their Pinterest for later will be unable to do so. Pictures are also important for sharing on networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and GooglePlus, because it shows a “link preview,” which includes any picture that is in the post. This makes the post more appealing to readers, making them more likely to click on it.

share on googleplus

Tip #3: Post your blog to Twitter and GooglePlus

Even if you don’t have any followers this can benefit you (although your goal should be to have followers). This is because Google indexes links immediately that are posted on GooglePlus. This means that your blog post becomes an option for the search engine to show its users. Links on both GooglePlus and Twitter also show Google that the link is credible, making them more likely to show your page as an option. Although shares and retweets also play a large part, your post can never be retweeted or shared if it’s not there to begin with.


Tip #4: Reserve your brand’s name

One of the things that makes your brand unique is your name. You don’t want people confusing you for another company or even a competitor. To avoid this from happening make sure to reserve your name on all major social sites – even if you don’t think that you will use them.

tweet pics

Tip #5: Add a picture to your tweets

Although this may eat up a few of your limited characters on Twitter, it can increase your chance of being retweeted by 94%, which plays a huge role in how Google monitors your credibility. Find a picture that displays what you are trying to say in a a fun way, or a picture that makes people confused, either way it will create more engagement on your Twitter.

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