Top Social Media Tips for the Month

Here are my top social media tips for the month:

They include specific and general tips that can help take your marketing strategy to the next level.


Social Media Tip#1- Identify your main buyers personas and create content and calls-to-action that will assist them.


Social Media Tip #2- If you have a blog post about a holiday,make sure you post it at least 1 day before. There are significantly less people searching online on holidays and it gives your content time to index.


Social Media Tip #3- Make your brand seem human. don’t be afraid to add post that talk about your company’s culture and will make your followers feel like they know you.

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Social Media Tip #4- A social media presence is a necessity not a luxury. Many people determine how much they trust a company by how many followers they have.

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Social Media Tip #5- Don’t be afraid to share some of your Facebook page’s post on your personal profile. Don’t spam your friends, but sharing content every once in a while can boost engagement.

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