Top Restaurant Social Media Mistakes

restaurant social media mistakesPeople go to restaurants to hang out with friends, share stories, and catch up. Although the food is important, the social aspect has been a crucial part of eating since the beginning of time.  Because of this it is no surprise that social media is such a great fit for restaurant marketing. Many restaurants have seen amazing results when using social media, but some restaurant owners struggle with finding the right way to use social media for their restaurant. Here are the top social media mistakes that I see restaurants make all too often.

1) Not putting the restaurant’s address and phone number on its facebook page.

It is true that every industry does not need to provide an address, but this is NOT the case for the restaurant industry. Obviously people won’t come to your restaurant if they cant find it, but it is important on facebook for even more reasons. First, it allows people in your area to find you easier when searching for your page on facebook. This is important because if people go out of their way to look up your business on facebook you better make it easy for them to find it, or they will give up. Second it allows people to find you,who are looking for restaurants in their area in general. With the new graph search, people can search by location, so make sure that your restaurant is being considered in these searches.

2) Not posting enough.

No matter what social account you make (you should at the very least have facebook and Twitter for your restaurant), you need to post consistently. If people check your account and your last post was from a month ago they will think that you don’t care or that your business is no longer open. At the very least aim to post twice a week. This will keep your page fresh and your engagement up.

3) Not answering bad reviews.

Restaurants sometimes get bad reviews. It isn’t the end of the world! Maybe it was an off night or a disgruntled customer, regardless, you need to answer their post. Obviously if there is any fowl language you should delete the post, but if the person seems genuinely upset and you are sorry about it, let them know. For example, if someone posts, “I’m never eating here again, poor food and service, don’t waste your money!” You can reply nicely saying something along the lines of “I’m sorry you feel that way, let us make it up to you with a meal on us and see if we can change your mind.” If you believe in your product, you should have no problem fixing a wrong with a free meal, and it actually makes you look good. (If you are getting lots of bad reviews you may need to actually fix something)

4) Spamming people

Every post should not just ask people to come to your restaurant. This is annoying and people will unfollow you. You need to get creative! Take good pictures of your food and post them around lunch or dinner time with fun captions. Ask questions: “What is your favorite dish at Papa’s Pizza?” “What’s your favorite home cooked meal?”. Depending on your audience, you can also post funny cartoons, and inspirational/funny quotes.

Restaurants and social media go together, so make sure that you are using social media to its full potential for your business. If you are looking for a qualified social media management company that specialized in social media for restaurants, contact the Social Jeanie!

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