Top 5 Small Business Social Media Mistakes

top social media mistakesMost small business owners have come to realize that a social media presence is vital in today’s market, but most aren’t sure about how to go about it. It takes a lot of time and energy to learn all the tricks and tips to building a successful online presence. Although there is no perfect formula for every business to manage their social media, there are several mistakes that I see small business owners make all too often. Below are the top 5 small business social media mistakes that I encounter on a daily basis.

1. The last post is from 5 months ago.
When I am interested in learning about a business, one of the first things that I do is check their facebook page. I am always disappointed when I see that they created their account 2 years ago and have only posted twice. If your social accounts are not active, you might as well not have an account at all. Inactive accounts make your company look boring and may even cause potential customers to think that you aren’t around anymore. To avoid this, make a schedule of how many times a day that you will post, making sure that you post, at the very least, once a week.

2. There is no description.
As soon as you create a social account for your business, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, or any other platform, make sure that you completely fill out your profile. This is one of the easiest, yet most rewarding things that you can do. Completing your profile allows people to learn more about you from the moment that they come across your page, it also makes you more searchable, which will give you more traffic and potential customers.

3. Trying to Hard Sell.
Contrary to what many business owners believe, social media is NOT a place to sell. Instead, social media is a place to connect with your current and potential customers, building brand loyalty (which is much more valuable than a single sale). Instead of trying to directly sell your product or service, you should be posting interesting and engaging content that your customers want to see. This can include fun pictures, things in the news, and trending topics in your industry.

4. Not replying.
This is my biggest pet peeve. You did all this work to create your account and post your content, why would you not answer when someone finally responds?! Getting people to comment is the hard part, but if you are lucky enough to have followers that do, ALWAYS make sure that you reply. This is the easiest way to build a relationship, and the more comments that your post gets, the more people it will reach. Even if your follower’s comment doesn’t need a reply, say something back (even if it’s just “thanks for sharing”).

5. No personality.
Social media is all about being social (shocking). People don’t want to be friends with someone who isn’t fun. Add personality to your posts! Example: Don’t say, “here is a picture of a cute dog.” Instead say, “Look at this adorable pup on a stroll around the park!” (obviously your adaption would be different depending on your personality and your audience, but you get the picture). Have fun with it, remember that if someone is following you on social media it is because they want to get to know your personality.

Social media is a trial and error process. Every post will not be amazing, but the important thing is that you get out there and start experimenting and learning. Because most business owners do not have a lot of time to manage their social media, you may want to consider hiring a social media management company, like The Social Jeanie, to take care of your business’s social media presence.

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