The New Era of Dental Marketing

dentalmarketingYellow page ads are a thing of the past. There’s a new, more effective way to attract new dental patients to your practice, and it’s called inbound marketing.


Inbound marketing is the process of attracting visitors to your website, converting them into leads by capturing their contact information, and nurturing them into new patients for your practice.


Why your practice needs inbound marketing:

Much of the search process for service providers is now happening online. If your dental office is no where to be seen in search results, it could go completely unnoticed by potential patients–even if you have the best office in town. Inbound marketing will help your practice get found easily online, position your dentists as experts, and make patients want to choose your practice for their dental care. Here are a few tips on how to implement inbound:


Attract patients with helpful content. Content creation is a major part of inbound marketing because it tackles one of the first marketing challenges: getting the attention of potential patients. People need relevant, helpful information about dental issues, and by providing it, you can attract those potential patients to your brand.


When a potential patient searches for dental services via the internet, they’re likely looking for something specific. Maybe they have a toothache, need a cleaning, or have a cavity they need filled. If you’re creating the content that answers those questions, your practice should pop up in their results. This gives you a good chance of keeping their attention and turning them into a patient. Why? Because now you’ve positioned yourself and your dental office as a helpful, trusted resource that they can depend on. Who wouldn’t want those qualities in a dentist?


Lead them to the next step. Once a prospective patient is impressed by your content, you’ll want to make it clear to them what they need to do next to further answer their question or solve their problem. These are called “calls-to-action,” and they should be attached to your content and sprinkled throughout your website.


They give your website visitors a clear path of what to do next, whether it’s to schedule a free consultation, get a promo code, or download a free e-book. In exchange for this gift, your website should ask for their contact information. Opening this line of communication keeps your website visitors from falling out of the marketing funnel and never transitioning into new patients.


From there, you can use emails, giveaways and additional content to convert them into new patients for your dental office.


Establish an online presence. Setting up social media accounts is a great way to build credibility and circulate the content you’re creating. Along with amplifying your brand’s messages, social media can also benefit your dental practice through social recommendations.


Think of social recommendations as digital referrals from friends. Let’s say you build up a Facebook audience. Anytime your fans interact with your brand on Facebook, there’s a chance their friends will see the interaction and consider your office the next time they need work done.


In order to reap these benefits, you need to post frequently. Use social media to share the content you’re creating, post about industry news, talk about your promotions and more.


Want to learn more about transitioning into this new era of dental marketing? Contact the Social Jeanie for more information about inbound marketing for your office.


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