Social Media Tips of the Month

I post social media tips of the day often on my Facebook page. Here are my top 5 for this month:

Tip of the Day- cover photo


Facebook tip: Change your cover photo at least once a month. It makes your company seem current, and brings traffic to your page.



Pinterest Tip: Create lots of very specific boards on Pinterest. This allows people to find your boards when searching for you and your business.



General Social Media Tip: Keep a consistent voice across all your social platforms. This will give your brand personality!

Tip of the Day-Linkedin connect


Linkedin Tip: Encourage all your employees to have Linkedin accounts, and make sure that they are connected to your business page. This will increase traffic and exposure.

Tip of the Day- respond


General Social Media Tip: Always respond to comments on your social sites, even if they don’t really need an answer. This makes the commenter feel special and creates more activity on your page.

If you are looking for more social media tips or need help running your business social media, be sure to contact The Social Jeanie.

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