Social Media Marketing for the Holdays

Social Media Holiday

The Christmas shopping season, used to begin after Thanksgiving, but if your business is online, it is getting earlier each year.  If you are marketing your business or product to sell for the holidays, you need to think about starting in mid-November.

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to prepare your holiday social media marketing plan.

One quick thing you can do, that will have a huge impact, is change up your cover photos on your social media sites, especially Facebook and Google+.  Give them a holiday theme, with colors or pictures.

Businesses should also focus advertising right after New Year’s Day, when people have their holiday gift cards and are looking to spend the money they got for Christmas.

Marketers and business owners can sequence their holiday ad messages to lead consumers down the funnel, which means starting earlier than the competition, getting them thinking about you early on.  This 2014 holiday season, 67% of companies are projected to spend more on social media, with Facebook being the main social network they plan to spend advertising money on.

On social media sites and on company websites, businesses need to use call to action buttons and videos to gain leads.  Images work best on Facebook’s News Feed, try using original pictures, instead of stock pictures, that way your brand is unique.

Create a sense of urgency and inspire people to visit your page at certain times.  When you give them time-restricted benefits, customers will often make a purchase decision in the moment, rather than miss out on a good deal.

Sharing photos on social media greatly increases engagement but sharing authentic photos taken by your customers is even better! You can ask your customers to take a picture or selfie of themselves enjoying the holiday season with your product or service. Have them use a custom hashtag that you choose for your brand.

In order to take full advantage of these next five to six weeks ahead, on social media you need to be aware of your timing and make sure you stand out.  Have your sale or promotion on a different day or time than everyone else.  That way you’re not fighting to compete with all of the other companies vying for your potential customers attention at the same time.






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