Social Media Helps Stop Strep Throat Outbreak

social medis stops strep throat outbreak

Social media is completely changing the way that companies, organizations, and people function on a daily basis. It is also becoming a big part of the medical community. The way that it connects people to medical practices, organizations and causes is unlike anything of its kind. Recently I have come across several articles where social media has been used to to extraordinary things.


One of the articles that  I came across an article about how social media helped stop a strep throat outbreak. Although this may seem strange, this actually happened at a school in Minnesota. This occurred when a parent noticed that their child’s Facebook news-feed was full of kids complaining about having Strep Throat. She alerted public health officials who then launched an investigation. They were able to then track the germs causing the illness back to a banquet that many had attended.


If you want to view more stories about how social media has saved lives, check out this article on MSN: 7 Times Social Networking Saved Lives. Here you will see how social media can be used for more than just fun.This is not the first time where social media has helped locate the cause of an illness. Experts have also used social media to track mosquito borne illnesses and other sickness that are normally extremely difficult to track. In an article by News@Jama, a doctor pointed out that social media is going to be a crucial element if we encounter an infectious disease outbreak. It we monitor it correctly we may be able to stop these outbreaks before they get out of hand.


Having a social media presence is becoming more and more important in the medical community. If you are a doctor or a small business looking for someone to help you manage your social media presence contact the Social Jeanie.

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