Should lawyers pay for a billboard or online marketing

lawyers-bilboard-online-marketingIn the battle between traditional and online marketing, many companies stick to traditional methods because they’re familiar. But the world of online marketing is growing, giving companies better insights into audiences and allowing them to create highly targeted marketing strategies that often increase the ROI of marketing efforts. If your law firm is stuck deciding whether you want to put your marketing dollars toward traditional billboard or online marketing methods, here is what you need to know:


Online marketing provides law firms with better targeting methods. Imagine showing your billboard only to qualified leads. That’s what online marketing allows you to do. You start by figuring out who your target audience is, then you create content that they would want to find based off of the keywords they’re querying into Google. Since these leads are finding you and coming to you, rather than just randomly seeing your billboard, they’re much more qualified and sales ready.


Online/content marketing has lower cost per lead. If you’ve ever looked into printing a billboard ad, the expenses for doing so are high. On top of that, the returns often do not pay off. This is because the audience seeing your billboard is not targeted. Sure, the billboard may be seen by hundreds of people a day, but if out of those hundreds of people, you only get a few phone calls a month–you may not get the ROI you need. The cost per lead of online marketing is much lower. In fact, its been reported that inbound marketing has a 61% lower cost per lead than traditional marketing methods.


Most of the leads visiting your website will have some level of need for your law services, otherwise they wouldn’t be there. On top of that, your website offers a much more convenient way for those interested to contact you. Once you have their email addresses, you can send them automated email messages that will keep your law firm at the top of their mind. That cannot be done with a billboard.


Online marketing establishes you as an expert & builds trust. Billboards are there mostly as reminders of your brand. Their best purpose is to say “Hi, I’m here, and I’m a lawyer. Look at me.” This doesn’t do much in the way of customer relationship building. With online marketing, law firms have an opportunity to tune into the needs of their leads and answer any service related questions they may have as a way of building trust and establishing your firm as a trusted industry expert. Once you do that, selling them your services is easy because you already have a good foundation.


If you’re still debating the benefits of online marketing vs traditional billboard advertising, contact the Social Jeanie today to see how your law firm could benefit from online marketing.

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