Should Lawyers Market Online?

Should lawyers market onlineWhere you spend your marketing budget matters. If you don’t take a strategic look at where your ideal clients are going to be open to hearing about your services, you could completely miss your mark and invest your marketing dollars in all the wrong places. As traditional marketing fades out, lawyers need to take a look into online marketing. Here are some great reasons to try out this marketing method:


1. Your clients find YOU. People use the internet to find the products and services they need. As they view their search results, the ones on the first page are the ones that stand out. Most online users won’t even click past the first page of their search results, so if you’re law firm doesn’t show up on that first page, you might never even be considered as an option. Online marketing allows you to get your law firm on the front page of Google and other search engines, giving your potential clients a chance to see your website and consider you as their law firm.


2. You build trust. Most traditional marketing tactics are pushy and in your face, offering little to no value to consumers other than the product or service they’re selling. On the other hand, online marketing relies on supplying your website visitors and leads with helpful information that will answer their common questions and concerns. This can be done through blog posts, downloadable e-books, videos and more. Creating this helpful content gives your leads something of value, and builds your law firm up to look like experts they can trust whenever they need legal aid.


3. Word-of-mouth increases. The internet is a big place, meaning your message can travel very far. If you use the internet in the right way to market your practice, you can take full advantage of this fact. Having a website is extremely important, but social media is as well. When you decide to use online marketing for your law firm, you should remember to include social media into that. By using social media, you can stay in touch with your past and current clients, and provide them with the helpful content that you’re creating as well as content that they would find relevant. Social media benefits your practice in another way as well. By having people who “Like” or follow your profiles, you can attract the attention of their friends. These are called social recommendations. They see that their friends trust in you, so automatically you have established a base of trust with them. This can earn you even more likes and followers, and eventually, when they need legal services–new clients.


The benefits of online marketing are huge and span well beyond these 3 advantages. To learn how online marketing can help your legal firm attract new clients, contact the Social Jeanie today.


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