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Search engine optimization is important for your website. SEO is also important on LinkedIn. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile will give you an advantage over others.
LinkedIn boasts of adding two new members every second. They are the fastest growing social network; faster than Facebook and Twitter combined, with 330 million users worldwide.
Unfortunately, most people create their LinkedIn account, dutifully and then half fill it out and don’t log in again for months, or even a year. Don’t be one of those people. LinkedIn is not just another place to post your resume. LinkedIn members have access to the world’s largest database of affluent business professionals. LinkedIn is a search engine just like Google, giving you access to millions of business decision-makers in seconds.
LinkedIn has two primary purposes:
1. To find your ideal clients
2. To get found by your ideal clients
Strategically placed keywords throughout your profile helps you get found by the LinkedIn search algorithm and rank you at the top of search results.
The 5 places you need to optimize for great SEO on LinkedIn are:
1. Your Name Field – The first place LinkedIn looks for keywords is in your name field. That’s where your title goes.
2. Your Professional Headline – The second place LinkedIn scans for keywords is in your professional headline. Don’t just put your job title, so that you blend it with all of the other office managers CEO’s of the same title. Be create and specific, like “Award Winning Author”.
3. Your Summary – The Summary section of your profile is yet another key area to place your keyword phrases. The language you use should sound natural and not contrived. You summary should focus on what you can do for others, not just a boasting of your accomplishments.
4. Your Experience – In the Experience section, using your keyword phrases as your job titles is the second most important factor in ranking well. Most people use their job title like President, Director or Owner. While it’s important to let people know your role in your business, it’s more important to rank well for your target keyword phrases. Add your keyword phrases in each job description which will further improve your search ranking.
5. Your Skills – The Skills section is where you can really add in a lot of keyword phrases. LinkedIn lets you add up to 50 skills so make sure you include all of your target keywords as Skills. LinkedIn will display your skills to other people and ask them if they want to Endorse you for these skills. The more endorsements you receive for each skill, the more it helps your search ranking.

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