Online Medical Marketing Misconceptions

Online-marketing-misconceptionsThe internet has become an avenue for marketing for businesses in all fields, medical being just one. However, there are a variety of online medical marketing misconceptions that sometimes prevent practices from using this medium to its full potential. Here are some common online medical marketing misconceptions that are unfounded and should be disregarded:


Traditional advertising is more effective. This is one of the most common misconceptions about online marketing for medical practices. The internet is one of the most widespread forms of communication, and using it can in fact be very effective. This is because it gives consumers your marketing message without imposing on them. Typically when a patient goes online to find a doctor, they’re doing it because they have a need. By putting your message in front of them online, you’re actually being much more effective than you would be if you simply printed an advertisement in a local paper. Online marketing is much more targeted than traditional in this way because the patient is actually approaching you for information rather than the other way around.


I will get in trouble with privacy laws. Doctors do have to be careful about privacy laws when advertising or marketing, however these laws can easily be upheld online. Online marketing does not mean that you have to include any kind of patient information or other protected information in order to be effective. Just like with traditional marketing tactics, you can use online marketing to lawfully market your practice.


Online marketing is too time-consuming. It’s true that online marketing requires more upkeep than a traditional advertisement would. But with how much more effective online marketing is, it’s a worthwhile investment. Too, you don’t need to be the one physically doing the work. There are online marketing specialists available to handle your social media, blogging and optimization needs so that you can focus on providing your patients with quality service.


Put these online medical marketing misconceptions behind you so that you can have a growing medical practice. If you’re interested in finding out how online marketing can help your practice grow, contact the Social Jeanie today to get started.




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