My Favorite Social Media Tips of the Month

Since its the last month of 2013 I had to compile my final social media tips of the month (and year). Social media is going to be an even bigger part of marketing in 2014 so it is important that you can utilize as many of these tips as possible. Here are a few social media tips that can help your small business or medical practice.

SM Tip of the Day

1. Reach out to other companies in your industry on social media. They will be likely to follow you and engage with your page, allowing you to extend your reach. Other companies (even competitors) can have great content that you can learn from. Make sure to follow these companies so you can keep up with what they are doing. It is also never a bad idea to make virtual friends with these companies, because you may be able to help each other out down the road.

force a sale

2. The most shared posts on facebook are images, don’t be afraid to add pictures of your products in your posts, just make sure that it is giving valuable information and not just trying to force a sale. People can tell when you are trying to sell them something and they will quickly unlike or block you. To get around this it is important to make sure that every post has something of value to your followers.

before posting

3. Read every post twice before posting on social media. This is obvious, but still worth reiterating. You don’t know how many times this rule has saved me from posting a horrible grammatical or spelling error.

other company

4. Don’t be afraid to share other company’s content on your page. Not only will it create new connections, but it will also give you more quality content for your followers. Look to other companies pages for inspiration, but make sure to give them credit when necessary.

take time to review posts

5. Take time to review which of your posts receive the most engagement. Use the research to tailor your next posts. You can do this be reviewing your “page insights.” Most social platforms, specifically Facebook, have awesome statistics about your followers and posts make sure you utilize this. For more information check out my post: How to utilize Facebook Insights.

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