Is Your Healthcare Practice Using Pinterest?

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Your healthcare practice probably already has an online presence in other social media, including a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn account and maybe even a Twitter account. These social media channels still have a place in your marketing plan, but the visual nature of Pinterest makes it a very engaging medium well-suited to your audience, especially to women.

Pinterest holds many benefits for medical practices looking to market themselves.

Create a trustworthy online message

The goal is to create a safe place online for our past, current, and future patients. You can share healthy and positive messages about body image and being healthy. The Internet can hold such inaccurate, skewed health information. Patients and their families can feel confident that your content has been approved by medical professionals.

Stay connected with your patients

Pinterest is a highly effective way to maintain dialogue with your patients. Even when treatment ends, patients can still feel connected to us and share that connection with others. For example, patients like to share inspirational sayings with others. They can repin the image onto their own boards or share on Facebook.

Link your patients to good health information

When you think of Pinterest, you probably think of pictures, but you’re not limited to content that’s visual in nature. You have the ability to link back to relevant and reliable health information.  Make sure you are also including your website on each pin, it’s a great way to get your name out there!

Create boards that have to do with all aspects of health

Obviously you would want to have a board relevant to your medical specialty.  Health is important, and people like to learn things they can to improve theirs.  You can also make boards with inspirational messages, healthy recipes, ideas for healthy activities like visiting the farmer’s market or a museum.

No cost and low time commitment

There’s virtually no cost to setting up your Pinterest account. It also requires very little time to update your page’s content regularly. You can assign this task to someone or do it yourself. Whenever you come across something interesting, you can either repin it or upload it. It’s that easy.


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