Is Social Media for Doctors

is social media for doctorsWith the recent changes in the healthcare system, doctors are making major changes in their marketing plans. This has resulted in many healthcare marketing discussions to be centered around new tools to reach out to potential patients. One of the hottest topics in this subject area is social media. Since it is a relatively new marketing tactic, many doctors are reluctant join. While many are worried that it may cause patient confidentiality issues, others are just completely unfamiliar with the subject, and don’t understand how social media can help them grow their practice. Here are three reasons doctors should be using social media for medical marketing.

Patient Confidentiality is NOT an issue.

Social media is no different than talking to your friends or speaking at a conference. As long as your statements do not allow people to pin point a specific patient, it does not violate doctor-patient confidentiality. Social media should be used to inform and interact with your followers, so you should never have to worry about any legal ramifications as long as you follow the same rules that you have always followed.

Social Media allows for easy referrals.

Referrals are essential for doctors. When a current patient recommends your practice to a friend, it is one of the best kind of leads you can get. Social media is a powerful referral generating tool. When one person likes or interacts with your page, their friends can see it. This causes them to check out your social profile to find out more information. Social media also gives people an extremely convenient way to share your content and contact information, making it easier for people to refer you to their friends.

You can educate people.

After your patients leave your office you don’t have many opportunities to interact with them. With social media, not only can you interact with them, but you can also educate them. You can post “tips on how to avoid the flu” or “a list of foods that give you energy”. Little tips like this can go a long way. Your followers will remember you, and appreciate your helpful information, making them more likely to refer you (or visit you themselves).

So the short answer to our question is yes, social media is for doctors. It may seem very different from tradition medical marketing and networking, but it is quickly proving to be on of the most efficient methods. If you are looking for a specialist to manage your medical practice’s social media contact The Social Jeanie.

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