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Inbound Marketing

Attract Customers

Successful inbound marketing strategies begin with blogging. We will work with you to develop a well-honed blogging strategy that is focused on delivering educational content that appeals to your customers and prospects, and that answers their questions and needs. You will be attracting qualified traffic (or Marketing Qualified Leads) to your site and keep them coming back for more.


Convert More Leads

With our lead nurturing campaigns, we will help you gradually move your marketing-qualified leads down the sales funnel. By leveraging more detailed, product-oriented content like ebooks and whitepapers, you’ll be in a position to successfully convert these leads into paying customers.

Drive Revenue

Our inbound marketing process will deliver sales-ready leads to your sales team and help you avoid missed opportunities for new customers. And once you’ve successfully converted your sales-qualified leads into customers, we will work together to develop customer engagement campaigns aiming to continue to grow these relationships, and generating even more revenue for your company.


Increase Customer Engagement

Campaigns are a great way to bring new customers to any business. Social media provides an effective and affordable way to create your own customized campaigns. Here at Social Jeanie, we will help you create and execute interactive advertising campaigns through social media. We will research the best way to reach your target audience and what type of campaign will work best for your situation and budget.





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