How to Use the New Pinterest Analytics Tool

How to Use Pinterest Analytics

Whenever you implement a new marketing method for your business, it’s important to keep in mind the measurable results of these efforts. Facebook is arguably at the forefront of analytics when it comes to posting as a business on social media. But other social networks are beginning to catch up. Pinterest recently updated it’s Pinterest Analytics tool to provide businesses with better insight as to how their pins are performing, which is especially important when much of the content businesses pin are not their own. Here are some tips on how to use the new Pinterest analytics tool to the benefit of your business:


Getting set up

Before you can get the full picture on your pin performance and audience, you need to make sure your Pinterest profile is set up correctly. Be sure to sign yourself up as a business, and take the time to verify your website. If you don’t, your reporting will have holes in it.


Your Pinterest Profile

One of the main sections within Pinterest Analytics is the Pinterest Profile. This gives you information about Impressions, Repins, Clicks and All-Time. Delving into each of these tabs will help you determine your most viewed, most shared, and most popular content. You can use the calendar to select and analyze specific time periods, or you can view this data over all-time (although not all of this data will be available to you if you have not taken a moment to verify your website).


These analytics can help you determine your most popular and most effective content. Knowing that will also help you see what pins are driving traffic at your website. If you can pin point what’s working, you can replicate the results–driving more traffic to your website and potentially monetizing your Pinterest efforts. One way to do this is to repin your most popular pins, or Power Pins, to different boards so that more people will see and interact with your content.


Your Audience

On the other side of the new analytics platform, the Audience section can give you valuable insights into the demographics and interests of your audience. For instance, you can find out what state they’re in, the language the speak, and what other interests they follow on Pinterest. This can help you create content that is more catered to your audience as a way to increase your audience interactions.


As you click around in this section, you’ll notice that it’s split into two — All Audiences, which provides insights for the entire Pinterest audience, and Your Audience, which is specific to the people who follow you. Depending on which audience you want to increase interaction from, you can use these insights to cater your content to them.


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