How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Restaurant

Pinterest to market your restaurantIf you have been on Pinterest, you will notice several common themes. First you will notice that it is entirely based around images, and then you will notice that a majority of those images are of food. If you work in the restaurant industry this should excite you. Never before has there been such a large platform of people sharing pictures of food – now all you need to do is figure out how you can utilize this platform to bring business into your restaurant. Pinterest lends itself perfectly to restaurant marketing, here are a few ways that you you can incorporate Pinterest into your marketing plan:

Have professional pictures of your signature dishes

We all know the difference between a professional photo and one taken with your camera phone. If you are going to post pictures of your food on Facebook make sure that they look good. Every once in a while you might make something so magnificent that a picture looks good with your iPhone, but for the most part, try to invest in some professional pictures of your food.

Link your pins to your website

Pinterest allows you to put the “source” of the photo. To do this, upload your picture and then click on the little pencil icon on the pin, to edit it. Where it says “source” be sure to paste a link to your restaurant’s website. Also don’t forget to write a caption with something like, “Gino’s famous specialty pizza.”

Post pictures of your restaurant

Whether you have a cute little mom and pop restaurant or a five star restaurant chain, be sure to post pictures of your actual restaurant. This gives people a feel for your restaurant’s personality and style. You can create a board just for pictures of your establishment – and don’t be afraid to through in some pictures of happy customers with their food (with their permission of course).

Get Customers Involved

Pinterest allows you to create group boards, which allow multiple people to pin to the same board. This is a great way for your customers to get involved. Create a board of favorite dishes, where your followers can pin their favorite foods. Not only will this make your customers feel connected to your brand, but it will also give you a better feel what types of foods that they like, and give you ideas of things that you may want to add to your menu.

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