How to use Facebook Insights to Get Your Brand More Exposure

how to use facebook insightsRecently Facebook updated its “Insights” feature for Facebook pages. This long awaited update was great news for those using the site as a marketing platform. Since its inception, Facebook has slowly started to offer more information about its users. As the largest social network in the world it is no wonder that it is the first choice of many social media marketers, but after this update it is becoming even more of a clear favorite. If you are using Facebook to market your business or medical practice, these are four Facebook insight tips that can help you expand your reach.

  1. Demographics – This is under the “People” tab on your Facebook Insights page. Many people think that they know their target audience, but shockingly they are WAY off. Facebook insights lets you see the exact age, gender, and geographic area of your followers. This is super important when finding content to post on your page. If you find that you have significantly more female followers than male, or vice versa, it is important to keep that in mind when looking for content to post.
  2. Where Your Likes Came From – this is under the “Page Likes” tab on your Facebook Insights page. This chart allows you to see how people came across your page. You can see if they liked your page from their phone, after seeing one of your posts, or a Facebook page suggestion. This is important because it allows you to see what your best avenue is for growing your following.
  3. When Your Fans are Online – This is under the “Posts” tab of your Facebook Insights page. This shows you graphs that display the days and times that your followers are online the most. Many people forget about this feature, but it is extremely helpful when trying to reach the most people possible with your posts.
  4. OverviewThis is on the landing page of your Facebook Insights. It shows you a list of your posts accompanied by a line showing their reach and engagement. This allows you to quickly see which types posts are the best fit for your audience. In a glance you can see if you tend to get better results with humorous posts verses informational posts, or picture posts verses text posts.

When looking through these statistics remember that several of your fans will probably be in your own demographic due to the fact that they are your friends. If you happen to see a spike in a specific demographic that most of your friends are not in, than this is more likely your target audience. Many people make the mistake of thinking that their own demographic should be their target, because all of their friends are interacting with them. It’s great to have your friends engaging with your posts, but don’t let that trick you!

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