How to Make Your Law Firm Stand Out Online

how-to-make-your law-firm-stand-outThe internet is a big place–and that means a lot of competition. Nowadays, most businesses have websites and social media profiles so that they can easily be found online. Among so much competition, some law firms may question whether or not there is any benefit in having an online presence. With the right online marketing strategy, lawyers can establish an online presence that stands out from competing law firms. Here are some tips for getting started:


1. Have good website design. Your website is the face of your law firm as far as the internet is concerned. You do not want this to look lackluster or be difficult for your website visitors to use. Make sure your website’s design is clean, has a simple top navigation for ease of use, and has plenty of images. This will keep your bounce rate low. You should also incorporate multiple calls-to-action on your homepage and throughout your website. Doing this will make it easy for website visitors to contact you when they have a question, are in need of your services, or are ready to hire you. In this way, your website design could mean the difference between selling a client and losing them.


2. Be helpful. Many businesses use their websites as promotional platforms. But if you want to get the most leads possible while establishing a trusting relationship with your potential clients, you need to be a resource. Blogging is the best way to do this. You should blog about topics that your ideal clients would find helpful or important and post them regularly. Remember to blog for your client’s interests, not your firm’s business interests.


3. Be active on social media. Social media is one of the most underrated marketing resources on the internet. Many businesses don’t get onboard with it because they think it’s only for personal use, but this is a wonderful opportunity to market where your clients are already frequenting. Create business pages on all relevant social accounts and use them as a platform for spreading your message. Post your blog posts, other’s content, photos and more, and remember to interact with your fans. Just as you do when you blog, you need to make sure to keep your posts out of your law firm’s business agenda. This will help you stand out against your competitors as a trusted, helpful resource that they can turn to when they need legal aid.

Standing out online is easy when you have the right inbound marketing tools. Combining these tips is just the start. Contact the Social Jeanie today for more tips on how to make your law firm stand out among the rest and grow your practice.


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