How to Make a Twitter Bio

how-to-make-a-twitter-bioCapturing your company’s history, mission, and services within a paragraph is difficult enough. And then there’s Twitter. Short character limits within the platform can make coming up with an interesting and informative Tweet difficult–let alone a succinct bio. If you’re attempting to come up with a Twitter bio that meets character limits, gives a picture of your company and gets other users to follow you, you’ll need to follow a few guidelines. Here’s what you need to know about how to make a Twitter bio:


Keep it short and sweet – Twitter limits your bio to 160 characters. And yes, that includes spaces and punctuation. So this means you need to do away with frilly adjectives that are going to take up precious characters. Be concise and only include what’s most important. You can also use some sentence fragments as long as they’re easily understandable to your audience.


What should I include? – You should include information about your company and information that will get people to follow you. This usually means including one of the marketing messages your company wants to be heard the most. It may help you to look at what your competitors are doing and how they’re describing themselves. Keep in mind that they may not have the right strategy either. But doing this may help you realize you want to address something that they haven’t. You should also include a piece of information that will make people want to follow you. On Twitter, this generally means mentioning what your followers have to gain by following you. So, you may want to tell them the types of content you’ll be sharing with them so that they know what to expect out of the deal.


For instance, if you’re an interior design company, you should mention in your bio that you’ll be sharing design tips, room makeovers, how-tos and more. Knowing this will entice the right users to follow your company.


You can do all of this by clicking the “Edit Profile” button on your company’s Twitter page, then clicking your bio to edit it. Don’t forget to save your changes! You can also see step by step instructions on setting up your Twitter bio here.


Once you’ve completed your Twitter bio, you’re ready to start posting! For help getting your company set up and active on social media, contact the Social Jeanie today.


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