How to Establish Yourself as an Expert

establish-as-expertIn an ever-expanding online space, how can businesses stand out from the rest of the competition? A well designed and developed website is a start, but as technology is improving and allowing for easier access to clean website designs, businesses need to go a step further to differentiate themselves among their online competitors. These tips will help you establish yourself as an expert so that you can earn more customers online:


1. Blogging. Establishing yourself as an expert has it’s benefits. If your website visitors trust you, they’ll be much more likely to buy you. One way to position yourself as an expert in your field is to blog. But how you go about it matters. While your competitors may only post self serving blogs about their prices, products and services, your company can differentiate itself by offering value. Blog about topics related to your field that will be beneficial to your target audience. If your target audience has questions, concerns or interests concerning your product or service type, provide them with helpful answers that don’t openly push your business agenda.


2. Social presence. Having an active social media presence makes a difference. Online users expect businesses to be active on social media, sharing quality content and interacting with other users online. If you’re not, consumers looking for your business might think that your business is not longer in operation or is out of touch with its customers. Leave a good impression with your potential customers by regularly posting to social media, sharing relevant content, and engaging with other people and brands. This will shape your brand’s professional image, and your expert image.


3. Google Authorship. This is a quick and easy tip you can implement to start exuding a more professional and expert image quickly. For this step, you’ll need to set up Google Authorship. This allows internet users to see your headshot next to the blog that you’ve written when they do a Google search. This may seem like a minor detail that wouldn’t have much effect, but the fact is that people relate to people. Seeing your image establishes that you have a legitimate business, with a reputation you care about upholding. It also makes the link to your blog post stand out against all of the other Google search results, resulting in more clicks to your website. Follow this link to see how you can set up Google Authorship.


To start shaping your professional, expert image now, contact the Social Jeanie for more insider tips.

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