How Hubspot Can Help You Market your Business

How Hubspot can help you Online marketing has no doubt grown in the past 10 years, helping businesses of all kinds spread their marketing messages far and wide. But although online marketing can seem like an easy way to find new leads and customers, it takes a lot of strategy. The best tool a business can use when marketing their company online is an online marketing platform. These platforms allow you to perform multiple functions that will improve your online marketing. One of the best platforms currently in the industry is Hubspot. Here’s how it can help you market your business:


• Tracking – In the past, companies wanting to market their business online had to split up tasks to different websites. One website functioned for email marketing, another for tracking, another for keyword research, and another for social media. With Hubspot, all of these functions and more are available to use–all in one place. This centralized way of performing your marketing tasks and looking at the results gives you an overall picture of how all of the pieces of your marketing puzzle are working together. Not only is this more streamlined, it also will help you determine what tactics are working and which ones aren’t so that you can adapt and improve your marketing strategy for better results.


• Keyword research – The Hubspot platform is very centralized around blogging and keyword research. It allows you to look up keywords and find their difficulty level and monthly search volume so you know you’ve picked a good group to focus your strategy around. You can also use Hubspot to host your blog. If you do, the platform will give you a checklist as you input your blog so you know you’ve included keywords in all the right places.


• Email marketing – Along with tracking your website visits, interactions and more, Hubspot also performs email marketing. You can set up automated emails so that if a website visitor performs a specific task, they’ll be sent an email at a time you decide. This can be very helpful in the case of sending thank you emails or reminder emails.


• Lead nurturing – Much like general email marketing, Hubspot also allows you to set up workflows so that you can nurture your leads through the sales funnel. It works like this: a website visitor takes an action, providing you with their email address. You then set up an automated email workflow that will send them specific emails at specific times to take them from website visitor, to lead, to customer. The platform will also give you insight on which emails they’ve opened and which information they’ve received so that you can report these findings back to your sales team and keep them informed.
While Hubspot centralizes online marketing and tracking in a very user-friendly way, creating marketing messages, sending them out and tracking them takes time. As a business owner, this could be time you just don’t have. If you want to hire a Hubspot marketing professional, the Social Jeanie would love to help you grow your business. Contact the Social Jeanie today to get started!


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