How Does Facebook’s New Algorithm Affect My Facebook Business Page?


Facebook’s news feed has become increasingly competitive in the last six months.  Facebook said in August 2013 that every time a user logs into Facebook there are on average 1,500 stories that could potentially be shown in the news feed. They can’t show all of these stories, because it would overwhelm the user.  This is where Facebook’s news feed algorithm comes into play. So what can you do to boost their organic visibility and engagement?

Content. It has to be great.  Think about who your audience is and what they will appreciate. Your content should entertain, inform and engage your audience. This is a very important part of boosting your engagement and visibility on Facebook.

Advertise on Facebook.  It’s necessary to boost visibility on posts, attract more fans and increase engagement. Facebook is making it necessary to buy their advertising to increase page visibility. Unfortunately, we can no longer think of Facebook as a free advertising platform.  However, advertising on Facebook does have many advantages, and is well worth the minimal cost. With over 1.19 billion users and a sophisticated set of targeting options you can place your best posts in front of a very precise audience.

Genuine Supporters. Make sure you have plenty.  You shouldn’t focus on just building up your page fans to have a high number of likes; be strategic in building a fan base. Fans that are not engaging with your page do not benefit your marketing goals, your page’s performance and may hurt page visibility.  Make sure the people who like your page are engaging with you regularly, and you with them.  Think of your page as a community and target users that will find value in what your page has to offer and contribute to the community. The more engaged your audience is the more visibility you will gain.

Facebook’s new algorithm has its good points and bad points, just like anything.   While some pages are seeing increases in engagement despite the decrease in organic reach, sometimes you will need to supplement the reduced reach with advertising. Small businesses that do not have time or money to invest in creating a strong content strategy and managing advertising campaigns will suffer. For the most part though, pages that continue to create and post engaging, relevant content that their fans are interested in, will be fine and could possibly even see an increase in engagement organically.


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