How Does Content Marketing Work for Doctors?

Content-marketing-for-doctorsMarketing to patients and consumers online is still relatively new, and changing every day. But if you can get a grasp on how it works, which processes to apply, and why it’s so helpful for businesses, you can start attracting more patients to your practice.


Understanding content marketing vs inbound

The goal of inbound marketing is to create messages that pull consumers toward your brand–the opposite of traditional, interruptive messages that push them away. Part of the inbound marketing process involves deciding when and where to push these messages out, and to whom.


Content marketing is an integral part of inbound marketing. It’s a broad term that can include blogging, e-books, emails, website copy, social media communication, videos and more. Without helpful content, the inbound marketing process would fall apart.


How can content marketing help doctors?

Any business can benefit from content marketing, but this is especially true in the medical field. Patients, like any other consumers, need quality information that answers their questions, concerns and needs. Fulfilling these needs by providing the answers is an easy and helpful way to cause patients to naturally gravitate toward your practice.


For example, if you run a women’s care center and you want to attract more pregnancy patients there are a few types of content you could create that would draw more mothers to your practice.


You could research the common phrases that expectant mothers type into Google when they want to learn more about pregnancy, or find a doctor. They likely will have general questions about what happens during pregnancy, as well as more in depth questions about insurance coverage and birthing options.


By knowing what information they’re searching for, you can create blog posts and e-books that will answer these questions. When they see your website show up in Google as having an answer, they’ll want to click your link. And if you’re doing content marketing the right way–sharing helpful information rather than pushing an agenda–you’ll be able to draw them in to learn more.


Overtime, since you’re creating helpful content without pushing your business intentions, your prospective patients will get to know you, like you and trust you. This applies to the practice itself, as well as the doctors within it.


If your content can accomplish all three of these objectives (knowing, liking and trusting in your practice), prospective patients will think of your practice, before your competition whenever they need medical services.


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