Good Call-to-Action on a Medical Practice Website

good call-to-action
If you want to attract new patients to your practice via your website, you need to start by having good calls-to-action. When patients find your website, they may not be automatically convinced that your practice is the best fit for them. This means that simply having a phone number they can call to set an appointment just might not cut it for every visitor that arrives at your website. If you want to generate more potential patients online, this is where calls-to-action become important. Find out why you need calls-to-action on your website and how to create good ones:


Why have calls-to-action?

Calls-to-action give your website visitors a next step to take. When they land on your homepage, on one of your blog posts, or on another page on your website, calls-to-action tell them what they need to do to get more information or find something they need. Before they can get this information, they’ll need to fill out a form with their contact information. This typically includes their name and email address.

What’s great about having these for medical practices is that if one of your website visitors isn’t quite ready to switch practitioners or schedule an appointment with you, you’ll still be getting their contact information. Without a call-to-action in this type of situation, you’d likely lose that person as a potential patient.

By getting their contact information, you’ll be able to send them emails to keep in touch with them. With email nurturing, you’ll have the opportunity to turn these email contacts into new patients for your practice.


What makes a good call-to-action?

If you can create enticing calls-to-action, you’ll have a much higher likelihood of attracting new leads and new patients to your practice. Here are some things to keep in mind as you create calls-to-actions:

  • Have different kinds: Different website visitors will be attracted to different calls-to-action. By having a variety of calls-to-action you’ll be increasing the size of your net. Some good types of calls-to-action medical practices should have include offers for free webinars, free consultations, free downloadable e-books that appeal to the type of patients you want to attract to your practice.
  • Make them enticing: Have an eye catching headline and offer something that the patients you want to attract will value.
  • Use visuals: Your calls-to-actions should be designed to fit the look of your website, but they should also stand out enough so that people browsing your website will see them and want to click on them to learn more. They should also include images that represent what you’re offering.
  • Make them action oriented: Your graphic should tell viewers to take a specific action. “Click Here,” “Schedule Your Appointment,” or “Download Now” are all good examples. These should also look clickable so that users will click to the page where they can fill out the form and recieve the offer.

If you want to start getting more leads and customers from your website, find out what types of calls-to-action you need to be making. The Social Jeanie can help you create customized calls-to-actions, specific to your practice and the patients you are trying to attract. Get started today.


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