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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is an awesome social media site that lets you to create beautiful boards by uploading images with links to your website or by pinning images from other people’s boards.

To some, Pinterest is quite addicting.  This can be a good thing from a marketing standpoint. It’s perfect, Pinterest is a powerful tool to generate lots of excitement about your business offerings — excitement that can lead to sales.

Here are some ways on how you can use Pinterest marketing to get excellent results to promote your product or service.

For Products – Create a very visually appealing board with high quality pictures of your product. Make the pictures fun and colorful, something people want to look at, that captivates them. You don’t need a sales pitch or to beg for people’s business, just show them what you have to offer, visually.  They’ll love it!  After you’ve added your stunning photo of your product in action, then include a link to your product where is says source, and put a fun, accurate description in the Pinterest board description.

Some tips for putting this into practice yourself are:

  • Add watermarks to your pictures for identity
  • Put your URL on the photo
  • Pin photos of things that go along with your product on the same board
  • Use creative pin titles
  • Use copyrigtht symbols where appropriate


For a Service – Make boards that include, in fact, are packed with inspiring marketing tips and advice. Don’t just try to sell all the time. No one will follow you.  Have your URL on the source of the pretty marketing tips and advice, as well as quotes or funny things.  A Pinterest board can be an awesome portfolio.  Make boards to intersperse with all of your other boards, to show off your services.  Make them visually appealing, of course, because that’s what Pinterest is all about.

Some tips for Pinning to market your service that you sell are:

  • Pin photos linking to a video of your service in action
  • Let your personality show through, you are selling yourself, when it comes down to it
  • Review other business’s boards who sell a service, and see what is working for them
  • Use keywords in descriptions

Happy Pinning!


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