Content Marketing 101

content-marketing-101Content marketing is a phrase marketers throw around a lot. It’s becoming an increasingly used tactic, but its still one that many business owners do not understand. If you are unsure of what content marketing is, how it’s used online, and what the benefits are, here are your answers:


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and curation of relevant, valuable content with the intent of attracting, acquiring and retaining customers.


The content created through content marketing is meant to communicate with and educate customers without selling to them. The idea is that by delivering value to them, proving your credibility and authority, and establishing a relationship, these prospects will reward you with their business and loyalty.


Why is content marketing perfect for online?

Consumers are turning to the internet more than ever to find the information they need. This is the perfect opportunity for businesses to present them with their specific solutions. Businesses can answer these questions with blog posts, videos, white papers and other content assets. The best part is that consumers are seeking this information out, as opposed to most traditional marketing methods. Billboard ads, radio spots and other traditional methods impose interruptive messages that may not even serve the audiences that are receiving them.


Online, this issue is avoided. Consumers use search engines to query their specific needs and are presented with information that serves those needs. This gives businesses the opportunity to be helpful and to be presented in front of the consumer at the moment they need them. This allows businesses to attract qualified leads.


Content marketing is also perfect for businesses because it gives the ability to post owned content to all of their social media accounts. This gives them another avenue to attract website visitors and get more leads in the door.


Content marketing & inbound marketing

Content marketing works perfectly with inbound marketing. The idea behind inbound marketing is to present potential customers with specific information during each stage in the purchasing process. This information is designed to take them to the next stage until they become a customer.


If you want to learn how content marketing can help your business attract and convert new customers, contact the Social Jeanie today.

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