Changes that You Need to Make to Your Medical Marketing Plan

medical marketing plan 2014With the new year upon us it is time for you to take a look at what changes you would like to make next year. If you are a doctor,  you are probably looking for ways to grow your medical practice. You are going to want to evaluate your numbers from last year and make goals for the new year. Here are few changes that you should make to your marketing plan if you want to grow your restaurant in 2014.

1) Embrace technology

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to understand that the new world of technology and social media can make your marketing easier and better. If you have done this already then the next changes on my list will be a lot easier. If you have not yet, check out my post: Beginner’s guide to social media for doctors.

2) Invest in your marketing

You have heard the phrase, “you have to spend money to make money.” This is very true if you want to grow your practice. Large successful companies spend millions of dollars marketing their business- and for good reason! I’m not saying you need to spend a million dollars, but remember that investing in marketing for your business in an investment in your future. It shouldn’t be seen as an expense, but as a necessity. If you want to grow your business marketing is the equivalent of electricity and rent, you need it to increase your customers. If you are serious about growing your practice, do it right, and invest in a good marketing company.

3) Start a blog

Blogging is no longer an outlet for people to write about their personal life. Blogs are now a place where you can share information with potential and current patients. Blogs allow you to rank higher on Google, and receive more qualified leads. Blogging is a key part of the inbound marketing strategy, which proves to be a very successful strategy for medical practices. To learn more read my article: What is inbound marketing?

This could be the year for you to grow your practice and see which marketing strategy is best for you. If you want a free 30 minute marketing consultation contact The Social Jeanie or click the link below.

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