Can I Search Posts on Facebook by Keyword?

Facebook Search

Yes, you can search posts on Facebook! Facebook announced an update to their Graph Search that allows users to search by keyword. Start searching with keywords and you’ll find that you can search for people, posts, photos, places, Pages, Groups, apps and events on Facebook. Everyone’s search results will not be the same though. My Facebook keyword searches will show posts from my friends first, then public posts. Yours will search your friends’ posts, then public ones. Get it?

Privacy settings still win out. If a post has been shared with friends only, it won’t show up in searches. In fact, no one can see it but the friends it was originally shared with, and anyone tagged in the post. The updated Graph Search let’s you surface anything that’s been shared with you on Facebook. So pretty much that means posts shared with you by your friends, friends of friends (sometimes) and all public content. Of course public posts are just that, public, so they can always be seen by anyone, including people outside of Facebook.

When Facebook premiered Graph Search in January 2013, users have always been able to search for Pages. Now, it seems that this new keyword search feature only surfaces posts made by personal profiles. So, Pages are out for now, of Graph Search that is. I guess they have a rhyme to their reason though. Facebook is inundated with Ads and Promoted Posts, so Pages are mostly business now.

Facebook search respects privacy settings, which means people can search for info about you that they can see on Facebook, based on what’s been shared with them.

There’s 3 ways you can manage what others may see about you in search results:

  • Use the audience selector to choose who can see things you share
  • Visit your activity log to see and review things you’ve hidden from your Timeline
  • Go to the About page on your profile to view and manage basic info about yourself


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