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A full practice and a practice full of patients who are invested in improving their health with your medical care — that’s what you want, right? Let’s talk about how to get there.

Your patients are overwhelmed with social media, email and everything else that is “online”. You are going to have to offer something with some real substance if your online presence is going to have an impact. A blog, filled with health tips and personal anecdotes, is a great way to be more impactful online.  Using a blog to update your medical practice website regularly is important for your potential and established patients to find you, and just as important for them to relate to you.

It may be easier than you think to create a blog for your medical practice. Here are some ideas to get started:

An interesting title.  It can be as basic or catchy as you want. Just some thought into it.

Good, relevant content.  You need real content, give your patients (current and prospective) something they can really use.  Start with your ideal patient in mind, make a list of their biggest concerns and complaints, and talk to them about the solutions. You advise patients every day. This is no different. Go to some popular media outlets if you are stumped. Popular magazines often publish lists on what symptoms mean, or ways to improve health with daily activities.  Make the content your own, don’t just copy and paste.

Be predictable.  Not with what you are going to write about, but the publishing of your blog. Pick a schedule and stick to it. Publish once a week, twice a week…it’s up to you, just be consistent.  Readers are more likely to keep visiting your blog, and keep you fresh in their minds, if you give them new information, regularly.

Keep it brief and use pictures.  Your blog has to be long enough to deliver a good message, but not so long the reader completely loses interest.  Incorporate pictures into your blog, anything that goes along with the topic you are writing about.

Promote your blog. Post your blog address in the waiting room of your office, in emails you send out to patients, and of course on all of your practice’s social media accounts.  Post your blog on LinkedIn groups and your Business Facebook page.  Encourage people to read it.

People buy from and seek advice from people, not nameless, faceless businesses or prescribers. This applies medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. Patients want to feel connected to you as their physician. The more they feel connected, the more inclined they are to seek your advice. So, in a very real sense, blogging helps you serve your patients’ medical needs. They are more likely to follow medical recommendations the more they trust and rely on your expertise.  Everything you do to build a trusting, expert relationship supports the practical medical care you provide.


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