Best Social Networks for Restaurant Marketing

best for restaurant marketingAlthough social media strategies have become a critical part of marketing plans in a variety of different industries, the food industry continues to be one of the best fits for social media. Restaurants are a perfect match for social media for many reasons. They are inherently social environments, they rely on word-of-mouth, and they have the opportunity become “trendy.” All of these things make social media an obvious choice for restaurant marketing. Below are the top social networks that your restaurant should be on.

1) Facebook

Facebook is the first choice for several industries, because facebook of its gigantic audience, and the frequency of the users. It also has lots of advertising opportunities at a very reasonably rate. But even if you aren’t looking to paid advertising, it is still an awesome choice for restaurants, because of the amazing opportunity for referrals among your followers. When someone likes your page or your post, facebook will show that post to a small number of that person’s friends, causing them to see your restaurant in their newsfeed, which gives them the opportunity to learn more about it. It also will show that person all of their friends that already like your page, which gives you credibility.

2) Instagram

If you have intagram downloaded on your phone, you know that you can barely go through three pictures without one of them being of food. Instagram is a great way to show off your product. People will take pictures of your product (especially if it is aesthetically pleasing or tastes good) and share it with their followers. This is every restaurant’s dream, to have people like your food so much that they share it! The problem is, if you don’t have an instagram, people can’t tag your restaurant in the photo. Make sure that you make an instagram so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

3) Twitter

Twitter is the “real time” and “straight to the point” network. This works great if you are planning on having any special events at your restaurant, because you can encourage people to tweet about it as it happens. Twitter is also great for giving Twitter exclusive deals. This means that if you are having a slow day you can tweet a quick deal like “anyone who comes in until 2pm today gets a free appetizer if you say #GinosTwitterDeal.” This will cause people to retweet it to their friends and come your restaurant.

4) GooglePlus

GooglePlus is important for restaurants because it allows you to put your exact address in a way that Google recognizes it. Since Google searches are customized to each user based on their location, this will help people find your restaurant in the search engine. If someone Google’s your exact restaurant name and is close by, it will also give your restaurant a nice big box on the Google first page with the exact location to your restaurant and a link to Google Maps if they are trying to find it.


When choosing the social networks that are right for your business, make sure to familiarize yourself with the platform before using it. See what other people are posting and what the common practices on the site are. Social media is a great way to connect with hungry people and interact with them. If you need help running your restaurant’s social media, contact The Social Jeanie!

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