Benefits of LinkedIn for Business Owners

LinkedIn Business

You can discover information about your prospects and customers by reading their personal and company profiles. You can get a feel for who they are, and gain an understanding of their work and educational history, without having to ask them and be intrusive. Everything they want you to know is on their profile. This makes the conversations that you have with leads or potential customers online and offline significantly easier, because you can relate to them on a personal level.
LinkedIn is a place for word of mouth publicity by other people that you know on LinkedIn. You can receive and (return the favor and give) recommendations and people talking about you in Discussions in LinkedIn groups. Reputations in the business world are everything. When a consumer is looking for a certain product or service they will do their research and after this research, they will only call those companies with the best reviews. Company pages provide a place for users to give these endorsements.
You have to get your name and/or brand out there. Visibility for you as a sales person and your organization and personal branding. LinkedIn isn’t the only place you need to be to be seen, but it is where a lot of businesses and people wanting to do business are to be found. You will also need to make sure that you have a website, and that you have a presence of Google+, which is Google.
Discover and be in the right place to encounter new business opportunities. LinkedIn is a social networking site for establishing business connections and relationships, so discovering new business leads becomes priority over posting pictures of memes or blogs to determine what animal your spirit guide is. LinkedIn users are looking for more than just status updates. Blogs are a great way to offer quality information, and drive Executives from all fortune 500 companies are members of LinkedIn and with more than 2.6 million company pages, it’s safe to say that their businesses have one too.

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