9 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs Pinterest Marketing

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When it comes to marketing your law firm, social media engagement is the best way to go. The question is, which social media would you go for? I’m sure you already have a Facebook page. Your next step is Pinterest.

Here are some tips to start Pinterest marketing today:

  1. Strengthen Your Company Name – With Pinterest, you could personalize your page to your law firm name and your logo as your profile picture to reach maximum exposure every time you pin an image. You could also add a paragraph talking about your law firm, including your website, and even link this to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  2. Drive Heavy Traffic – To drive traffic for your website, Pinterest provides a hover button which leads directly to your site. This is beneficial for users to pin images directly from your site and check your site as well.
  3. Gain New Customers – Once your pin has started to gain popularity in various pinboards, you get a lot of views even when these are pinned or not. If pinned and shared by various users, you have a higher chance of gaining new customers in the process.
  4. Be An Authority In Your Field of Law – Since you are able to do market research, you can change and focus your ways on how to be an authority in Pinterest. With the right amount and quality of photos and descriptions, you could easily target these descriptions to what most new Pinterest users would want.
  5. Free Marketing From Your Followers – Just like Google+ and Facebook, Pinterest makes use of the followers and images that need to increase their popularity. The more the photo or image is interesting, the higher the chances of being pinned by other users. You don’t have to spend more money on a separate content marketing strategy, all you have to invest on is the right description and the quality image that you could pin.
  6. Longer Post Exposure – The average lifespan of a Pinterest pin is three and a half months, which is 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post. Overtime, as your pin gets to be shared with other users, it still continues to spread like wildfire. You don’t have to repeat the pin over and over again to achieve this exposure. Pinterest makes it easier to search for your product not only on your page but also on other pages as well.
  7. Great SEO Strategy – With the way Pinterest works, keywords are still important. If you google keywords, most of the time a Pinterest page comes up with numerous pinboards in it containing your law firms keywords.
  8. Free Promotion – It’s easy. Get a great shot, work on the words, and post it online. Free marketing!
  9. Get your Law Firm’s name out there – This has been said a number of times above, but the point is Pinterest is often linked to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media websites. With just one pin, you are getting your name out there, on multiple platforms!

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