7 Pinterest Tips for Your Restaurant

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Pinterest is an extremely popular social networking site that is mostly made up of females who love to drool and share food related items. So this makes it an ideal destination for your strategic marketing efforts. Try some or all of the tips below to get new foot traffic in the door or keep current customers coming back for more.


1. Pin Photos From Customers – Invite customers to pin pictures they take while they are at your restaurant, on Pinterest.  Also, if customers post photos of themselves at your restaurant on Facebook, pin those pictures onto Pinterest and vice versa. But first, be sure that you have your customer’s permission.


2. Holiday Boards – Put yourself in the holiday spirit and drive traffic to your website at the same time. Mix pictures of seasonal events with recipes, drinks, crafts and images. For St. Patrick’s Day, put pins of your “green” food or drinks, alongside leprechaun and shamrock table centerpieces.


3. Food Videos – Pinterest is known for images but they also allow videos. The savviest “pinners” know that videos do well when it comes to food and recipes. Potential customers want to see and experience foodie delights as if they were there sitting at a table.  So get your video camera or smartphone out and take videos of your food, your restaurant, your staff and anything else that takes the customer virtually “there”. Be sure that the videos are shot with good lighting, are crystal clear and short.


4. Build a Menu Board – Customers who already enjoy eating at your restaurant may have some good ideas about what they’d like to see on the menu. How about a board that customers can add recipes ideas to. Let them know via your Facebook page and Twitter feed when you are going to try out one of their menu ideas.


5. Awards Boards – Is your restaurant in the news? Dedicate a Pinterest board to anything newsworthy, from press releases, community news, awards and other stuff that makes your restaurant look (and feel) good.


6. Humor – Everyone loves a good laugh and with Pinterest you can show off your restaurant’s fun side. Build a board of funny images, ecards or other memes. Try to find pins that are somehow food related or related to the theme of your restaurant.


7. SEO for your Pins – Don’t forget to use your SEO practices to promote your Pinterest page, too. Include keywords in your pin boards, in your tags and your titles.  And remember to link your pins to your website!


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