7 Great Social Media Tips for Your Restaurant



1.  If you don’t already have one, get a social media presence!  Strengthen your word of mouth marketing with an interesting, interactive social media presence. This gives you the ability to engage your customers every day, to represent your brand and have customers to share their stories.


2.  Use pictures and videos to show off your food and dining experience.  Make sure to let your fans see what you offer, by posting your newest or specialty dishes.  This will get people interested in the food you serve and let them get a feel for the  overall style of your establishment.


3.  Blog and be blogged about.  Enlist local food bloggers and ask  them to review your restaurant in return for a free meal. The outside link will help with rankings, and the positive review will help your reputation.


4.  Run contests. This is a great way to reward social media fans, grow your fan base, bring in more customers, and promote loyalty. Give customers a chance to win a great prize and you’ll give them another reason to come back again.


5.  Post updates.   This one also seems obvious, and yet many page owners do not take the time to do this every day or even every week. Even posting simple status updates on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook about your business — or really, anything you think is relevant — will be seen by users in their homepage news feeds.  Sharing will get people to click through and read your page, and see whatever else your page has to offer. When users comment, their friends will see links to these comments.


6.  Be interesting enough on social media, so that people will pay attention. Give your patrons incentive to follow you on social media channels or to come into your restaurant, and make it easy for them to do so. If you are constantly put up your restaurant specials on Facebook, your fans will lose interest.  Pinterest is a great place to pin pictures of your dishes.  Mix it up, don’t be afraid to have fun, and be a part of the local community.


7.  Interact with your fans as much as possible.  When a customer approaches you in real life to tell you what they think of your business, you listen to them.  Do this on social media as well.  You might hear some useful criticism or a compliments.  When you respond, you’re more likely to get them to respond.   Maybe their friends will see, and you could get some new customers.


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