6 Ways to Utilize Twitter for Your Restaurant

Twitter-for-restaurantsEvery social media channel has its intricacies and uses. To new users, Twitter can seem like a tough code to crack. Aside from attracting followers, you have to figure out how to speak the lingo—and do it all within a 140 character limit. But with the right strategy and understanding, you can utilize Twitter as a marketing tool for your restaurant. Here’s how:

1. Tweet during events.
If your restaurant ever hosts events (live performances, bingo nights, trivia nights, etc), remember to work Twitter into the mix. Twitter is great for live events because it allows you to communicate between your performers/hosts and your audience. Encourage your audience to tweet at you to choose the next song that will be played, or have them earn bonus points for answering an extra trivia question via Twitter. This will get you new followers, who already love your restaurant, and it will boost your engagement.

2. Use hashtags.
Hashtags help Twitter users find topics and conversations that interest them. But how can you use hashtags to attract more followers and new customers? Before you tweet, take a look at what’s trending. There may be some hashtags you can use that are popular at that point in time that will drive new eyes to your page. But only use them if they’re relevant to your customers or your business. Latching onto a hashtag that doesn’t fit you won’t sit well with your audience. Also, remember to throw in some local hashtags so that people in the area will find and follow you. A good one to use: #yourcity.

3. Offer giveaways.
You can increase interaction with your followers by offering incentives. Ask your followers to retweet one of your tweets in order to get a free item or discount. Other Twitter users will notice and want to follow you because of it.

4. Tweet your daily specials.
If you have some great deals going on, let your followers know about them. You can even promote a Twitter only special—giving customers who come in and mention the Twitter special a free drink, appetizer, or discount. To make these kinds of posts more exciting, throw in an image of whatever delicious special your restaurant is having that day.

5.  Don’t sound like a broken record.
In other words, don’t only post about specials and promotions. This may sound counterintuitive, since you want your specials and promos to attract new customers, but your followers could get turned off if it’s all you ever tweet about. Remember to add in some more humanized messages. Keeping your followers up to date with things like funny behind-the-scenes posts about your restaurant and employees will keep them interested in your brand and make them want to keep following you for more updates.

6. Follow others.
If you want to increase the number of followers you have, you need to follow other people. Start by following your fans, but also follow influencers–like the popular food bloggers in your area. This will catch the attention of potential customers and they’ll want to follow you too.

These tips are just the start of leveraging Twitter to grow your restaurant. Contact the Social Jeanie today to find out how you can start utilizing Twitter for your restaurant.

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