6 Ways to Leverage Facebook Cover Photo to its Full Potential

When Facebook launched the timeline in 2012, it came with so many restrictions. These included omitting price or purchase information, contact information, calls to action, and references to Facebook’s features. Earlier this year the 20% text rule went into effect limiting text to no more than 20 percent of an image’s area. And, on Mach 6th new guidelines were implemented and gave much more flexibility in the type of content shared in the cover photo, as long as it maintained the 20 percent limit for text overlay.

how businesses should use the facebook cover photo

This is great news for businesses and here is how they can take advantage of these new rules:


1- Ask your fans to “Like” you.

It is that simple ask your fans to “Like” your page in a straight call to action on your cover photo which of course was not allowed before. Make sure your call to action is in the top right-hand corner, human eye is drawn to the top right-hand corner so it’s the optimal location for your call to action. The design of your call to action is just as important as the placement, make it stand out. Highlight the benefits, for example “Like us to receive exclusive offers.”


2- Generate leads through your cover photo.

According to your business, try to add a link to a new product, new feature, coupon or infographic. Use the 20% text space that is permitted to tell your fans how to get this offer or lead them to your home page. Be careful to add a short URL as the link will not be active and your visitors will have to type it on their browser manually. Through this you can build your customers email list, thus generating leads from your cover photo. This is a great example fro HubSpot, who used their cover photo to generate leads.


3- Direct fans to app.

The most commonly used applications on Facebook are applications that include very simple data capture systems, such as email newsletter signup and product giveaways or run contest and sweepstakes. With the new rules, you can use your cover photo to draw the attention to some featured apps on your page.


Each business page can install a maximum of 12 apps and only 3 can be installed under the cover photo. You can use the cover photo to point to a specific app on your page. If for example you are running a contest, you can mention “Enter our contest” on the cover photo and draw an arrow that is pointing in the app. direction. Here is an example of how to use the cover photo to direct your fans to your featured apps.


4- Direct fans to your website.

Facebook allows you to display your contact information in the cover photo. You can direct your fans to your website which the main hub for your company. This is an excellent feature cause you might have information that you would like to share and is only available on your website or you can be an online store and fans can buy your products directly online. You should always give them an incentive to check your website.


5- Display all your contact information

Showcase your business with all your contact information on your cover photo. For example If you have a big store, you can use the cover photo to show a picture of your store, add your address and invite your fans to visit. If you are a restaurant owner you can display the weekly specials, add your address or a simple map and invite your fans to come and try it.


6- Encourage sharing

As we explained earlier in the first tip that the cover photo is the perfect place to include a call to action, you can invite your fans to share your page with their friends.


After the cover photo rules have been relaxed, businesses should not neglect the cover photo. Changing your cover photo regularly is a great way to keep people interested and engaged. The cover photo is a powerful tool with great potential that has not been fully used yet.


Go ahead take advantage and let me know how it worked for you.


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