5 Top Types of Social Media Content

The trick to mastering social media is all in the content. People follow you because they hope that you will give them information of value. As soon as you start posting information that does not benefit their life, they have the power to unlike or unfollow your page. Finding valuable content can be tricky. You want it to benefit your followers while also tying in with your brand or product. Below are 5 kinds of the most shared and appreciated content on the web:


1) Humor – If you can make someone laugh you can brighten up their day and put them in a good mood, automatically adding value to their life and giving them a positive association with your brand. Comic strips, funny videos and articles are all great things to post. But beware: because there are so many types of humor make sure that you are using the right kind for your audience.

Best types of content to post of social media

2) Visuals – Posts with pictures get significantly more interactions than text alone. This is because humans are hardwired to like visual things. This is why visual driven sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr have been so successful. If you have an interesting thought to post try to find an interesting picture to accompany your post. (I posted this puppy with the caption “hope you have a relaxing weekend”)

Inspirational quote - stand alone be unique

3) Inspiration – Inspirational quotes and stories are one of the most shared things on the internet. People love “feel-good” stories and inspiring quotes. It’s no coincidence that there is an entire section of Pinterest dedicated to quotes. Find quotes by leaders in your field or if you are feeling extra creative make up your own!


4) Tips – This is one of the easiest ways to tie your brand into your posts. Come up with helpful tips that your followers will appreciate. If you are a cleaning company give cleaning tips, if you are a doctor give health tips, etc. For my fan page, I create posts based around how businesses can use social media (shown above).

social media explained with icons

5) Facts and quality articles – If you find out a fun fact that ties into your industry or an article that explains something well post it! Don’t be afraid to share articles and facts that are not your own, just make sure to give the author credit. Social media is all about sharing content, so don’t feel like you have to make it all up on your own.

If possible always try stay away from content regarding politics and religion. It is great to have personal opinions regarding these topics, but if you want to grow your brand’s following, it is much safer to stay away from these conversations. Social media takes patience and practice. There are many factors that play into how successful your post will be (i.e. time of day, number of followers, luck, etc.). The best thing that you can do is to consistently post quality content. If you are looking for someone to handle your business’s social media contact The Social Jeanie.

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