5 Tips to Boost Your Restaurant’s Social Media Reach


Restaurants thrive on repeat business, but customers want more than just good service, food and drinks. They want to be engaged and entertained.  Social media gives you the ability to have direct interaction with customers, and makes people feel comfortable when doing business with you.

Are you looking to expand your restaurant’s social media reach?  With social media, your restaurant can reach out to a wider audience, expand its reach far beyond traditional marketing effort

Here are five tips you can use to boost your social media reach:

1. Button it up.  You want people to follow you on your social media channels, right? You should include buttons for all of your preferred social media networks; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, on your blog posts, your website and even in your email signature. Make it as easy as possible for people to share your content and find you on the social media channel that they use the most.

2. Hash it out.  Adding hashtags to photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram expands your reach even further, because your photos will appear to people who search for those hashtags. You can also use hashtags to create an album composed all of your diners’ experiences.  Suggest tags with your restaurants name, and encourage everyone to use the same tags.

3. Be trendy.  There are lots of established social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, but new ones pop up all the time. It’s a good idea to at least check them out to see if they’re right for you. It can’t hurt, and in the best case scenario, it will introduce you to a whole new base of customers.  Create a location page on Instagram, and encourage your customers to check in, or have them check in on Facebook.  It’s a great way to get your restaurant’s name out there.

4. Timing is everything.  Wondering why your posts are not getting as many likes or comments as you would like? Take a look at what time you’re posting. If you’re posting your best content at midnight, it’s probably getting lost in the shuffle while people sleep. It’s important to post when you have the best chance of your desired customers actually reading and sharing your content.

5. Be interesting.  Tweets and Facebook posts that are just descriptions of the ingredients of your food specials are boring.  Add pictures and videos!  Are your social media posts all self-promotion?  Offer your customers fun tips or highlights of events going on in your area.  If you truly want to extend your social media reach, you have to give customers a reason to follow you. Make sure your content is great!



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